Earlier this year Catherine Carnevale of ELEVEN SIX travelled down to Peru & Bolivia to visit their Women Artisan groups. This photo story shares some of the behind the scenes illustrating our sustainable small batch production and the uniquieness of the handmade!


“ It was incredible to connect with these talented and humble artisan women that make the ELEVEN SIX brand possible. In turn, the artisans were both motivated and excited to learn how their hand work is being showcased and promoted through our knitwear collection.”


ELEVEN SIX working on Pre Spring 17 product development with artisan women group near Puno, Peru. 

“These women are empowered by working in an entrepreneurial and community environment with the support of a leader whilst having the flexibility to work from home as the caretakers of their families”.    


“ The artisan’s smiles truly light up the room! Despite our conversation being translated it was wonderful seeing their different personalities come alive as they explained their work and backgrounds.”


 Narzaria is one of the artisans group leaders


Artisan Mariluz


Paulina is the head artisan leader of all artisan groups in the Puno area


Artisan Maria

"Paulina, the head artisan leader is a powerful and passionate woman whom monitors the quality of hand work amongst the Puno artisan groups keeping standards consistently high”.

ELEVEN SIX working on Pre Spring 17 development with head artisan Paulina.

“One of the artisans greatest joy’s is to make the designers dreams come alive and into a knitted reality! These women pride themselves on being highly skilled in hand-knitting, macramé, crochet, hand-weaving, and hand-looming that they can translate in to our modern designs.” 

ELEVEN SIX working on Pre Spring 17 development with head artisan Pausldsl Head artisans working at the cooperative in La Paz, Bolivia on ELEVEN SIX production.


"When we receive our ELEVEN SIX samples in New York they mean even more to us knowing the woman whom has handmade our pieces with LOVE.”