WHAT We Are Doing…

CARBON FOOTPRINT: We use materials/yarns at the source of our manufacturing in order to reduce our carbon footprint. Our manufacturing is predominantly in Peru thus using Peruvian alpaca yarns for our Fall/Winter collections and Peruvian pima cotton for Spring/Summer. We constantly strive to minimize the amount of shipping and combine as many shipments as possible. When shipping to our online customers we always utilize the UPS's carbon neutral option that supports projects that offset the emissions of the shipment's transport.

ALPACA: We promote the use of Alpaca yarn that is natural, sustainable, eco friendly and ethical. We work with two prestigious Peruvian Mills who commit and strive to achieve the highest standards of sustainability and care for the animals during shearing. Both mills are fair-trade certified. Learn more about our mills alpaca origins and their licenses /certifications HERE. The Peruvian Alpaca industry has worked hard to achieve a certification called RAS (Responsible Alpaca Standard) offered by the Textile Exchange for more compliance recognition.

DYES: The Peruvian mills we work with only work with dyes that are OEKOTEX 100 and REACH certified to ensure transparency in the dying process showing that they are not using toxic, non - environmentally friendly substances. They all comply with EU and US regulations.

RESPONSIBLE DESIGN: At ELEVEN SIX we strive to be as thoughtful as possible in our approach to design and development. Co-founder: Catherine Carnevale designs and creates collections to be timeless, pieces-to-keep and worn throughout seasons and potentially generations. Although striving to feel modern, we reject the notion that fashion is disposable and a seasonal trend. We develop our collections carefully and efficiently, usually adopting and producing almost all styles we prototype. Our bulk production is crafted to-order to also prevent additional waste and surplus. Predominantly, we use stock service yarns in order to use almost exact quantities and avoid yarn wastage. Where possible we up-cycle any dead-stock into new developments and wish to drive into the up-cycle concept further.

PACKAGING: Compostable Poly Bags: As of the Fall 21 collection we have committed to shipping our products from our manufacturers using 100% compostable poly bags. Trade regulations require that each production product is packed in a poly bag but by using compostable bags we can reduce landfill and the negative impacts associated with plastics and they decompose.

SHIPPING: We use recyclable cardboard boxes, unreinforced, kraft tape and tissue paper to ship to our customers.


PLANTING TREES: For each order we are planting a tree. We were inspired and  informed through the  documentary movie: KISS the GROUND about the importance of planting trees as a part of balancing harmful carbon and contributing to soil health. ELEVEN SIX has partnered with ONE TREE PLANTED organization to plant a tree for each online order in the Andes region close to our brands knitwear production.


For the FUTURE…

ELEVEN SIX is continuously striving to improve our sustainable efforts and standards. We are not perfect and ‘reducing our impact’ is a work in progress. We want to be as transparent as possible about our sustainable developments. Like the Andes mountain-scape that inspired us to start our brand, the task is vast and as our brand evolves we must keep climbing the mountain of sustainability and being responsible through our actions for the future of the planet!