This past May, Co-founder: Catherine Carnevale traveled down to Lima, Peru and La Paz, Bolivia to meet with artisan groups ELEVEN SIX work with, tend to product development of up and coming collections and re-visit her favorite places and discover the new. Ellie Connell of Reeling Films travelled along side to document along the way. Part 1 focuses on places of inspiration outside of the work day....part 2 & 3 coming soon....

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Photos and Video Stills courtesy of Ellie Connell of Reeling Films

Catherine wears ELEVEN SIX SS18 Talia tank and Yasmin Culotte

Catherine wears ELEVEN SIX SS18 Talia tank and Yasmin Culotte

Strolling through the streets of the creative, Barranco district of Lima is definitely a favorite past time. Turning down each meandering street lie little pockets of local discovery often with snapshots of ocean-views. This day I was on my way to the MATE museum (Mario Tesino’s not-for-profit center aiming to bring Peruvian artists and culture to worldwide attention). The museum is beautifully set in a restored handsome 19th century mansion.

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When in Lima I love to stay at SECOND HOME PERU which is nestled in the heart of the Barranco, arts district. It is a majestic, eclectic guesthouse and gallery once the family home of the prolific Liman artist.: Victor Delfin. Being amongst the paintings and sculptures throughout the house is a vibrant and inspiring experience. It truly feels like a second home and I can’t imagine staying anywhere else when in Lima!


Catherine wears ELEVEN SIX SS18 Viola Tunic dress

Catherine wears ELEVEN SIX SS18 Viola Tunic dress

Catherine wears ELEVEN SIX SS18 Abi Sweater and own jeans

Catherine wears ELEVEN SIX SS18 Sade Tunic

Catherine wears ELEVEN SIX SS18 Sade Tunic

The breakfast setting: the dining room is particularly grand and the breakfast setting is as colorful as the bold paintings that surround you!

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Guest’s are able to access Delfin’s beautiful pool which is tucked away below the guesthouse, nestled in the cliff face. I adore the dramatic terracotta color, curved steps and the presence of his surrounding sculptures. A plunge in the pool after a busy day in Lima feels as creative as it is refreshing!

On our last morning Delfin’s daughter, gave us a viewing of the artist’s serene ocean-view studio and gallery. Delfin is In his 90’s and is still actively producing work and apparently still works late into the night, then rises late. (The man in the photo is one of Delfin's studio assistants.


Museo Larco is a place I visit every time I return to Lima. The Museum opened in 1926 housing Rafael Larco's vast collection of pre-columbian relics and is housed in an 18th-century vice-royal building. I adore this open-air courtyard and have enjoyed taking a moment on a number of occasions in its peaceful, tranquil setting. The ceramic rooms are my absolute favorite to wander, with pots and artifacts shelved from floor-to-ceiling. I get lost staring at the inspiring graphic patterning and shapes which have previously been used as design inspiration for ELEVEN SIX collections!

Catherine wears ELEVEN SIX SS18 Thea top and Voilet Skirt in Crimson

Catherine wears ELEVEN SIX SS18 Thea top and Voilet Skirt in Crimson

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After a busy morning at our artisan cooperative we took a short late-afternoon drive out of the city to Valle De las Animas; a visually stunning Valley made up of needle-like rock formations created by eroded mudrock. Standing amongst this incredible, other-worldly place it's such a juxtaposition to stare back at this urban-mass of La Paz in the distance. This is a must-see if you are in La Paz!


The city of La Paz sits in a bowl-like shape surrounded by a powerful mountain-scape. Above is the view towards the city and below is my view facing the other direction! I recall feeling a sense of light-headedness (probably from a little jet-lag coupled with the 12,000 ft altitude) as I stared out at this spectacular vista!

Catherine wears ELEVEN SIX SS18 Luna Wrap (her favorite travel companion) & Cayla Jumpsuit

Catherine wears ELEVEN SIX SS18 Luna Wrap (her favorite travel companion) & Cayla Jumpsuit



As I sat at the bar of Gustu, I enjoyed an exquisite, smoked mescal cocktail, served with an elaborate garnish which included a Palo Santo smoldering stick. The smoke acted as an energy-calming pause after our packed schedule La Paz day. This was just the beginning of an incredible gastronomic culinary twelve-course, tasting-menu journey we were about to embark on! The Danish founder of Gustu: Claus Meyer is also the co-founder of Noma and the Melting Pot foundation; a not-for-profit program aiming to improve opportunities for the under-privileged and young-offenders through food initiatives. At Gustu all ingredients are pure and sustainably sourced from land of Bolivia with a zero-waste philosophy. Gustu is considered the: "Manifesto of the new Bolivian Cuisine." The menu was truly a genius, cultural, and creative eating experience!

Catherine wears ELEVEN SIX SS18 Selma Crochet Top and in Black

Catherine wears ELEVEN SIX SS18 Selma Crochet Top and in Black


This was my second visit to the world’s largest salt flat. I had fallen in love with this other-worldly place two years prior. On the outskirts of the Salar de Uyuni and one of the first places you come to in the flats great expanse is the Great Train Graveyard. The multiple, abandoned locomotive trains and rail tracks that go infinitely into the horizon really warrant the name.

Catherine wears ELEVEN SIX SS18 Elsa Sweater and own jeans

Catherine wears ELEVEN SIX SS18 Elsa Sweater and own jeans

Part 2 - Photo Story of the Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia coming next week.....