“The first time I saw Sara Savery perform as solo artist (aka 'Drop the Gun') and with her husbands band Blue Foundation I was mesmerized by the extreme beauty of her voice paired with the dreamy, electronic beats.  Sara’s sound is so hauntingly pure and encapsulating!  Collaborating together was a natural partnership as we fully appreciated each others creative endeavors.  Sara articulates the sensory mood of each ELEVEN SIX collection so perfectly through her music as she dives into it’s spirit and essence.”  ELEVEN SIX Co-founder - Catherine Carnevale.

“Music is always on my mind. If I'm not able to be creative it feels like I'm not really myself. I become frustrated and close-up. Music has always been a big part of who I am and is like a place within me.”

Sara wears Pre Spring 17: Mia sweater tank and Eva sweater skirt. made in Peru in alpaca, silk blend yarn.  CLICK HERE TO SHOP

“I am inspired by everything around me. Everyday I try to keep an open mind and take elements from what I experience here and there, transforming it into words, sounds, and music. It could be something someone said in the corner store or a set of emotions when facing a challenge of some kind.” 


"It's always interesting to explore brands from a musical perspective, working with still pictures and moving images I am presented with. I am very visual when I write music and always have some kind of imagery in my mind when I'm composing, like different spaces you enter. My music is often referred to as being 'dreamy' which I think has to do with the way I approach songwriting.”

Sara wears Pre Spring 17 collection: Sophia sweater jacket in baby alpaca yarn, hand crocheted by Bolivian artisans with the Mia tank & Abby pant, made in Peru. CLICK HERE TO SHOP

“To me ELEVEN SIX signifies quality and beauty. There is so much time, effort, thought and work put into each collection. I think of minimalism and grace when I look at the pieces. It's a sophisticated and modern brand but somehow timeless. I am a proud owner of the Sophia jacket which has that fun 'wow' factor at the same time as being comfortable, cool and elegant. It's a real head-turner.”

“Collaborating with ELEVEN SIX is a great opportunity for me to be part of growing something new and unique. I am attracted to brands that have a clear definition and strong sense of what they represent both visually and musically.”


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