Photography by Nyra Lang | @nyralang


Meet Carla Robertson of eyewear brand: CARLA COLOUR. The native Austrailian with a background in advertising and film, moved to NYC in 2012 for love. Carla’s passion for vintage eyewear and all things colorful, coupled with not finding glasses she was inspired to wear, were the catalysts for launching the Carla Colour brand in 2014. Lovingly made in Italy using the finest quality acetates, Carla set out to create unisex, eyewear collections with “simple, clean shapes in unexpected colors.” Her glasses are refreshing, novel, and so wearable!

Catherine (ELEVEN SIX Co-founder) discovered Carla Colour in 2018 and has worn her growing eyewear collection ever since. It was kismet that later their paths crossed in Upstate, NY when Carla and her family moved to their weekend house full-time from Brooklyn in 2020. Since, we have hosted a Carla Colour pop-up in the Kingston, NY store, collaborated on a number of makers-events, and styled Carla Colour’s glasses into a few ELEVEN SIX Look Books as well as content shoots.

We had the honor of spending a fun morning with Carla as she styled some of her favorite pieces from the Spring ELEVEN SIX collection with her own bold, electric style. Read on for the Q+A to discover more about Carla’s inspirations, quest for slow-eco-fashion and what she is doing in her down-time…

Emmie Dress, Taffy Pink

Carla wears Emmie Dress in Taffy Pink with Carla Colour Sunglasses: Ayres in Ecru


Can you share some of your background and how your career path led you forming Carla Colour Sunglasses brand? 

It’s been a wiggly road that led me to Carla Colour! I studied physiotherapy at university and swiftly moved into a career in advertising and film production before taking the leap into independent eyewear. I’m short-sighted and have worn optical frames since I was 20, but I always struggled to find glasses I liked. I started making glasses that I would wear, and it turns out other people like them, too.


How would you describe your work, your style, and, what inspires you creatively?

My personal style is constantly changing. I’m currently into Clown Chic (think stripes, big pants, necktie bows, chunky shoes + caps), but there was a time I would only go out in 50s dresses and beads. Vintage clothing and glasses have always been a great source of inspiration for me. Sadly, I don’t have as much time for thrifting anymore, but it will always be my favourite sport. I find color inspiration in all parts of my life...Plants, my kids clothing, Art books, Fruit, old socks. The list goes on! I like colors that have life + stories within them.


Carla wears Sarah Top + Rebecca Pant with her own vintage Kimono 

Carla wears Sarah Crochet with her Ayres Sunglasses in Rivera Tort


Your Lind Glasses model have become a coveted Carla Colour brand staple each season. What inspired the Lind? 

The Lind frame was inspired by folk musican, Bob Lind. He released a track in 1971 called ‘Since there were circles’ and it is a perfect love song. Actually, the whole album is fantastic and worth a listen. The Lind was the first shape I designed and has now been made in 47 colors. Many people have told me their Lind glasses have become a significant part of their identity. I love how clothing and accessories can become intimately entwined with self-expression and the way we present ourselves to the world.

How often do you release a new collection now that you made the decision to work outside the traditional wholesale calendar?

Carla Colour is now focused on direct online sales, pop-ups, and markets. We release one main collection each year, plus a couple of creative collab projects with friends. I love slow fashion and much prefer creating at my own pace.


How do you describe your customer and what do you want them to feel when they wear your glasses? 

Anyone with a face! I want people to feel good in my frames. 


Carla wears the Ayla Cardi with her own shirt, pant, and Carla Colour Lind Sunglasses


Carla Colour is 10 years this year! What have been some of the highlights and then some of the challenges? 

Starting my business was incredibly hard. I was so worried it wouldn't be good enough, and I'd fail... And I did make mistakes! A lot of them! Seeing mistakes as  learning opportunities has been a huge lesson in my life. Running an independent brand means you are constantly learning. Always trying to improve your process, inspire your team, and, most importantly, stay true to your creative integrity. Carla Colour turning 10 is the greatest highlight so far. My little business is growing up and gettting better each year. Onwards and upwards! 


Do you have anything exciting in the pipeline you can share?  

This year, Carla Colour has made an intentional commitment to sustainability. We are excited to launch this transition in the coming weeks! The changeover has taken a long time, addressing production issues, converting to eco-packaging, etc... and honestly, it has been harder than I thought it would be. I'm SO glad we made the investment in this change; our planet is worth it. 

Carla wears the Lila Crochet Shirt with her own neck-tie and shorts 



You moved Upstate to the Hudson Valley full time from the city during the pandemic. How has this transformed you and your family's lives? 

Living in nature has done wonders for all of our nervous systems. I didn't realize how I was on edge living in a big city. AND now we have two pets, Billie the dog and Kitten Woo the cat, which have been the best decisions ever made. Our family is now complete!

What are your favorite ways to unwind and switch off when you are not working? 

Dancing is my spiritual practice. 

What is a series/movie/book you just read or watched that you loved? 

NINA SIMONES GUM by Warren Ellies -
Must read for all sensitive folk pursuing a creative path! 

Where are you dreaming of hopping on a plane to next?  

This summer, we have a friend's wedding in Colombia with a Met Gala dress code. Can't wait to bring my Clown Chic to the red carpet!

Carla wears the Layla Sweater in Neon Lime with her own pant and Carla Colour Modan Sunglasses in Black



What does the ELEVEN SIX brand mean to you, which are your favorite pieces, and why?   


ELEVEN SIX (and its beautiful founder, Catherine) represents Easy Elegance. I love my neon green Layla sweater the best.