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Meet Eden Grinshpan of @edeneats...a chef and TV personality known for her refreshing humor and vivacious style in the culinary world. Le Cordon Blue trained, Eden is currently the host of Top Chef Canada and prior to this co-created and hosted the successful television shows:  Eden Eats  and Log On and Eat With Eden. We are in love with Eden’s recent cookbook: Eating Out Loud : "bold Middle Eastern flavors for all day, every day" that is inspired by her Israeli heritage. We had the honor of spending a fun morning with Eden at her beautiful, Toronto family-home and learned more about her life and career journey, while she styled her favorite knitwear pieces from our Spring Collection. Being around Eden's contagious and spirited energy, your never not smiling!


Eden wears the Emmie polo dress in Ivory | SHOP


Can you share with you where your love for food started and how it evolved into a culinary career?

I fell in love with cooking in high school. I became completely obsessed with food television, which inspired me to get in the kitchen. My first love was baking and I would bake cookies and cakes for my sisters and parents. I decided to go straight to culinary school after high school and decided on Le Cordon Bleu in London, England. I graduated with the grand diplome in pastry and cuisine. I continued to travel and ended up in India, Israel, South East Asia, backpacking and working in different kitchens. I eventually moved to NYC where I enrolled at ICE and got a job at Babycakes. Around that time was when I got into television and sold my first show to the Cooking Channel called EDEN EATS.


We learned that during your early culinary inspiration travels you worked at an Orphanage in India where you re-opened a café to raise funds and awareness for the Orphanage. Can you share what this experience meant to you.

Traveling is one of my all-time favorite things to do. I love it and it always inspires me the most. Traveling in India in my early 20’s and volunteering at Ramana’s Garden was one of the most meaningful and life changing trips/experiences of my life. It was my first time abroad, alone and in a new part of the world, doing something that made an impact for so many. It’s something I really connected with and know I will do more of in my future.


Eden wears Zora Sweater in neutral combo with her own jean | SHOP


You started presenting Top Chef Canada in 2017. Can you share with us how this came about and the highlights for you being part of this show? 

After I sold Eden Eats, I sold another show called Log On and Eat with Eden Grinshpan, and then ended up hosting different TV shows which led me to Chopped Canada and eventually to the role of host for Top Chef Canada. Top Chef Canada is truly one of the best shows to be part of and I feel so honored I get to host it. Season 10 recently aired and it really just gets better and better 



Your recent cook-book: “Eating Out Loud” and it’s Israeli inspired cuisine is bold, colorful and vivacious (just like you) with recipes people can actually make!  What makes a great recipe or dish for you and how do hope people will be inspired by your book?

Easy and simple. I like to use approachable techniques and keep the ingredient list on the shorter side, ensuring the ingredients aren’t too difficult to find, could be found in your pantry or are on regular rotation already. I find that color in a dish is always key, so I cook with a lot of veg, spice and herbs. Keep it bright, colorful and approachable. Food you feel good cooking and eating.


Eden wears Tasha crochet jacket with her own jean | SHOP


Your humorous style is refreshing and addictive – thank you for making people laugh (especially Mama’s) and keeping it so real and fun! Have you always lived your life with this “don’t-take-life-to-seriously” mantra and what inspired this life outlook?  

I have always been a goofy person. I think it’s because my sisters and I were raised by an outgoing, funny mom. I was definitely the “class clown” growing up and I loved making people laugh but also making people feel comfortable around me by being a goof. I don’t take myself too seriously and am most comfortable that way. I have also always been attracted to funny people, so when I found my husband: Edo, it was instant. We are total kids at heart!


Eden wears Terra stripe tank SHOP + Lara stripe short crochet set SHOP


Does the whole family get involved in the kitchen and are your girls adventurous, bold eaters?

Definitely! My daughter Ayv loves to cook and bake. She always asks to come in the kitchen or climbs on the counter to help me stir the batter or season the vinaigrette. Romi is still too small but I think with all the food passion in this family, I wouldn’t be surprised if she falls in love with it. Ayv can be an adventurous eater but it depends on her mood.


Eden wears the Shaya crochet dress |SHOP


What are your favorite ways to unwind and switch off when you are not working or being a mama? 

Going to the farmers market and cooking or baking a dish on a down day. Something spontaneous for my family is always so fun. I also love to walk. I can walk around NYC for hours, even the whole day just going to new restaurants, running into friends, coffee shops and some window shopping. Those are some of my favorite days. I also love to go to the movies. Ido and I love it. A big popcorn for the both of us…so fun!


Do you have anything exciting in the pipeline you can share?

So many fun new things but I can’t say what yet! BUT, I am very excited about these projects and I can’t wait to tell everyone!


Eden wears the Zaria tank SHOP + the Kia skirt crochet set SHOP



We are honored you wear ELEVEN SIX! What does the brand mean to you and which are your favorite ELEVEN SIX pieces from the Spring 23 collection?

Wow. I have been a fan for so many years and I am so honored you are featuring me! I always say the collections are amazing but still get so excited every time I see the new collections. I mean…STUNNING!

I am so excited for the Tasha Crochet Jacket, the Zaria Crochet tank and Kia skirt set and the Emmie Sweater Dress…and the Layla Stripe Sweater and Zora Sweater….I mean…they are all stunning!