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We are honored to capture the beautiful, multifaceted, American actress: Scottie Thompson at her Californian home. Born in Virginia, Scottie grew up dancing professionally with the Richmond ballet, is a Harvard graduate, speaks French, is an activist and since 2006 to date is a successful actress. Scottie’s acting resume holds an impressive repertoire of roles in film, TV and theater. Notable TV projects include: ‘12 Monkey’s’, ’Brotherhood’, ‘NCIS’, ’Graceland’, ‘MacGyver’ and ‘The Blacklist’. In film Scottie appeared in ’Skyline’, ‘Crown Vic’ and ‘The Lookalike’ to name just a few. 


Scottie signs off her email with a quote by Rumi: "Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment" which epitomizes her soul exploring, curious and spiritual nature. I had the pleasure of meeting Scottie at a friend-in-common, pre-pandemic summer gathering a few years ago. I was struck by her innate radiance and beautiful spirit. Refreshingly, neither of us delved into the detail of ‘what-do-you-do’ particulars. Last year, I was then thrilled, to see a post of Scottie wearing a few pieces of ELEVEN SIX Knitwear unrelated to our meeting. I reached out to further connect the dots and it was then I learned of her incredible accomplished career path. 


In this feature, Scottie talks to acting highlights, pandemic take-aways, using her platform for the greater good, turning 40 and making space for gratitude...



Scottie wears our AURORA Sweater in Ivory | with her own skirt.


Can you share what led you to pursue a career in acting?

I have always loved being on stage, having grown up dancing ballet. There is no greater rush than stepping out of the wings and
dancing in the world of my imagination. While it wasn’t acting in by definition, I was always 
acting in my heart and mind. So it was a natural transition to pursuing it as a career when I decided to give up my professional ballet career.


What are some of the highlights of your career so far and why? 

There are so many magical adventures I’ve had during this very wild, unpredictable career journey that it’s hard to pick just a few. In general, I love being on location, stepping into a different physical world that allows me to drop into a sense of wonder and open me up to further exploration of character, and offers me the time and space to focus, in a manner that is sometimes challenging when I’m home. I just filmed an independent movie that stands out in my mind as a highlight creatively. I worked with a fabulous director who is also an actor, so he really understands how to communicate. It was such a treat to be in the hands of someone who knows how to nurture emotional depth.  I also recently participated in a Staged Reading of a new work by the Oscar-, Pulitzer- and Tony-award winning playwright John Patrick Shanley, in a very complex and emotional role with all the colors of the rainbow in her personality, and it was a very surreal peak experience for me.


What was the most significant learnings or enlightenments from this pandemic time that you carry forth in to our new norm?

 Oh my… what a time we are living in! It is so strange. I think the biggest takeaway for me has been that everything is fleeting, and to appreciate what I do have. For me, 2020 was weirdly an unusually calm year. I had the opportunity to focus inwards, to be free the anxiety of looking for work since there wasn’t any, to turn to my writing (a long overdue dive), and to really embrace quieter days and the chance to savor the little things. Out of it, a great deal of momentum was created, that led to a really intense 2021 for me. I produced my first feature film and had a rollercoaster of an experience that led to some dissolution and ultimately reminded me of the transient nature of everything, and the value of that calm center.  It was somewhat of a metaphor for that breaking down of systems we experienced collectively in 2020; it just hit me this year. I guess that all amounts to, for me, that it comes and goes in waves. So appreciate where I am, which is always way harder said than done.


Can you share with us about your activist work and how you use your platform for these messages/causes?

I think social media has the potential for good, but I just have to keep myself in check. I waste far too much time scrolling through, comparing, wondering… but I do appreciate when I discover worthwhile insights or causes in which to participate. So I try to do my best to do the same with my participation. I am involved in a few non-profits, most of them focused on the environment, education and women’s rights. In the past, I have fundraised on Instagram and Facebook, and am always amazed by the positive response and support from people. I also do my best to amplify specific organizations in which I am involved, including Artists for Amazonia, which is aimed at protecting the Amazon Rainforest and the Indigenous peoples within those territories. 


Scottie wears our MAGNEA sweater | with her own skirt.


We have been loving your daily gratitude IG posts you starting from Thanksgiving through the end of the year. What has this process meant to you thus far?

 Thank you. I am loving doing the gratitude posts. It was an idea sparked by a conversation with a costar of mine on a recent project. I have to say, it is helping me immensely as I navigate a difficult time personally. Having a daily practice to which to be accountable is very grounding. It also provides a wonderful means to celebrate others and expand my platform beyond my own self. It shakes up social media in a healthy way and inspires reflection in a much-need way for me right now.


You just turned 40. Do you feel a significant shift as you cross into a new decade and how did you celebrate this milestone?

 Oh vey, yes. A big one. I most definitely am going through a massive shift. As I mentioned earlier, this has been a very challenging year for me. While I have been gratefully settling into a new home, and building that, a business venture I began has dissolved, and I have been going through a big personal life change as well. All of this very humbling change has led me to really look inside to try to find a deeper strength that I feel is vital as we get older. I remain hopeful about what lies ahead, though some days are harder than others to connect to that. At the same time, I appreciate the wisdom I am gaining with my age, as well as those moments when I touch on a deeper confidence and knowing in myself. But I trip up plenty as I turn this corner, and sometimes laugh when people tell me how great it is. I am so grateful for a very supportive community, to which I have been turning a lot lately while navigating this transition. Speaking of, I had the most magical celebration with a group of girlfriends out in Joshua Tree that was honestly a life highlight. We went the The Integratron - a dome structure engineered with perfect sound and vibrational resonance - and attended a sound bath that was so uplifting. And we followed that up with some healing time in nature and dancing. Always dancing. I feel very lucky to have such a strong support system. 


Scottie wears our LEONIE sweater dress

What brings you peace?

Ah, the ever-elusive peace… Nature. . Nature always brings me peace. It brings me back to the present. Which I guess is the definition of peace. I also find peace in my daily meditation practice. The days I skip it, I always feel completely off center. 



What recent book/movie have you read that moved you? 

I’m currently listening to WILL by Will Smith, and am loving it. So inspiring. I also just read a very interesting book called THE 
IMMORTALITY KEY by Brian Muresku, about secret medicinal plant rituals in Ancient Greece and how they were integrated into Christianity. And I have THE PLACES THAT SCARE YOU by Pema Chodron by my bed for daily uplift. As for movies, I am in love with the documentary CALL OF THE FOREST, about the last forests on earth that are keeping us alive. I was also very moved by PROMISING YOUNG WOMAN and NOMADLAND this year.

Do you have any exciting projects coming up that you can share ? 

I do have some exciting projects. I am not able to share my latest TV project, but I can say I am thrilled to be working on such a special show and with such a talented and humble cast and crew. I recently wrapped on a wonderful indie film called START WITHOUT ME, a really special story with a phenomenal cast, crew and director that will be coming out next year sometime. I  also produced my first feature this year and had the chance to act alongside some incredible talent in that.

 Scottie wears HUMANITY sweater & HUMANITY skirt artist collab w/ @koketit


Why are you drawn to the ELEVEN SIX brand? 

​I am drawn to the absolute comfort and class of this brand. You all have pieces for every mood with such a wonderful balance of elegance and fun. Each and every piece is so quality!  I discovered you all through a mutual friend, and am so grateful I found you all. I love the artists collaborations you all do, and the focus on supporting powerful women. And I also think your sustainable approach is so important in the time of fast fashion. 

Which are your favorite ELEVEN SIX selects from this current collection and why?

​Such a hard question! I love the Leonie Dress for a perfect holiday dress that is easy and classy all at once. The Aurora Sweater is so classic, and reminds me of my favorite family friend’s sweaters she used to knit me as a child. But this is the mature and stylish adult version. The Magnea sweater is stunning on. But my absolute favorite is the Humanity Sweater and Skirt set. Oh my gosh! I am over the moon for it. So comfortable and so fun, and reversible to boot! It’s brilliant. 



Scottie wears our reversible HUMANITY sweater & HUMANITY skirt