Photography by Maria Karas | @mariakaras


Meet Sylvana Durrett: Co-Founder and CEO of Maisonette: The impeccably curated, all-things-kids multi-brand on-line shop.  Maisonette recently celebrated their 7th birthday as an essential, successful shopping resource for tens of thousands of busy mamas. With the addition of their womenswear offering, Maisonette has become a one-stop-shop for stylish, effortless Mom uniform options as well. We are proud to be a partner with Maisonette, which showcases a selection of our women’s and recently launched kid’s knitwear.


Prior to launching Maisonette, Sylvana cut her teeth at Vogue for 14 years as an assistant to Anna Wintour, later becoming Director of Special Projects where she was responsible for organizing nine Met Gala’s in addition to working on the Vogue Fashion Fund. With a skill-set primed at such an incredible caliber, its no wonder Sylvana fearlessly built Maisonette (often referred to as the Net-A-Porter for kids), filling a large void in the market for children’s apparel. After diving deeper into the world of Maisonette, I also fell in love with their ‘Le Scoop!’ section of the website which is an excellent, beyond invaluable parenting resource. Thank you Sylvana + team!


We had the honor of spending a beautiful, almost-Spring morning at Sylvana’s stunning Brooklyn family home where she resides with her husband, Adam Durrett and their three children. Sylvana styled her favorite ELEVEN SIX knitwear pieces from our latest Spring Collection while simultaneously incorporating them into her Spring-break packing. This is a woman who multi-tasks with style and ease!

Sylvana wears Emmie Stripe Dress



Can you share some of your background and how your career path led you into the fashion world? From assisting Anna Wintour at Vogue, to organizing the Met Gala and then on to creating Maisonette... What was the catalyst for you and your Co-Founder to take the leap to create the world of Maisonette?

Of course! My love for fashion has always been an innate part of my job. Vogue played a pivotal role in shaping my career; it was like my business school. Working alongside Anna for nearly 15 years was not only invaluable but also incredibly inspiring. The work ethic Anna instilled in all of us is one I still carry to this day; the belief that no challenge is insurmountable, and there's always something we can do to make things happen. My Co-Founder, 
Luisana, and I had always dreamed of going into business together from our days at Vogue. Sharing the experience of early motherhood we were often frustrated with the lack of centralized, one-stop destinations from which we could shop from. So like many founders…frustration led to invention. We decided to change that experience with Maisonette to make it easier to find high quality products for our kids, so we could spend less time scrolling, and more time on the good stuff.


Sylvana wears the Arden Crochet Top + Jana Crochet Skirt set.




It's incredible to see how Maisonette has grown, but entrepreneurship is a winding journey. Can you speak to the highlights and challenges througout your career and what you took from these experiences to guide you?

When we started this journey we couldn’t even imagine where we’d end up so the highlights have been watching the business and team grow to where it is today. It’s truly seeing a vision become a reality. There are always challenges whether it's the macro environment or fundraising but my experience has taught me the importance of remaining focused and dedicated in my efforts. I’m always reminded that businesses don’t fail because they run out of money, it's because you lose the will



We are thrilled to be a brand partner of Maisonette and have our women's knitwear (and now kid's) showcased in your assortments. At which point did it become clear you should include women's collections for the mama's already shopping at Maisonette for their kids?

As I grew as a mom I was looking for a wardrobe that would compliment my day to day life with my kids. Not only being a working mom but also doing school drop off, going to the park, etc. It was an answer to the question of “how can I do that without compromising on style and convenience?” We’ve become this destination for unique brands as well that you can’t necessarily find on sites like Net-a-Porter and Moda Operandi.


Sylvana wears the Natalie Crochet Dress.




Do your kids enjoy fashion and styling clothing? Do they show interest in the world of Maisonette and give opinions on what they like? 

 YES! Especially at this age, my 6 year old daughter has really gotten into it and so it becomes a battle at times but you just have to let them explore. In the end it's their form of self expression and that’s why we love it so much because they love it so much. On the flip side, my 9 year old daughter has a total teen approach and so it’s not only about clothes but also about beauty products. They’ve grown up in this social media world where they see their peers make these DIY videos so finding their own spark has been a really fun process to watch.

We love your effortless out-the-door, morning-school-drop, street-style shots you share with the kids. What do you believe the key to styling is for working mama's on-the-go and how would you describe your style?

Keep it simple, something you can dress up or down is key. I'd say my style is easy classic with an edge.



We absolutely love your
‘Le Scoop!’ section on the Maisonette website. It is such an important and helpful resource on topic’s such as child development, parenting, health and wellness, and more. Thank you for helping parents in other areas outside of  style! When did this part of the website launch, and, how has it developed over time?

Le Scoop has grown up with Maisonette, starting with a focus on stylish parents and evolving as the brand grew. We're a group of parents, so we dig into areas of parenthood that we're curious about and expand on when they resonate with our community. Our mission is to help families raise the next generation, which means both sourcing the best stuff for kids and sharing stories and expert advice that make parents feel connected and supported.


Sylvana wears the Helene Stripe Sweater + Carrie Stripe Tube Skirt. 


Your weekend
country home in Connecticut looks like a true dream. What are your favorite ways to unwind and switch off from work with the family there, and, how has it enriched your lives?

Games with my kids by the fireplace, a massage here and there, and a glass of red wine.

Where are you dreaming of hopping on a plane to next for pleasure?

The Bahamas

What is a series/movie/book you just read or watched that you loved?

The Bear



Sylvana wears the Tia Crop Tank + Sally Skirt in Ivory.



What does the ELEVEN SIX brand mean to you and which are your favorite pieces to integrate with your own style and wardrobe?

Eleven Six perfectly exemplifies a brand that’s classic and not so overly fashioned it feels unattainable. Everything is made with such beautiful detail and looks great on everybody type. It’s so easy to dress your pieces up or down, which is a must, as I’m always on the go! It’s hard to choose favorites but I love the
Emmie Striped Dress for lounging around the house and the Tia Tank with the Sally Skirt for an evening out to dinner.