Sylvana wears: Natalie Crochet Dress | See ELEVEN SIX WOMEN feature HERE

Co-Founder of Maisonette

"Let go of feeling guilty. As a CEO and mom of 3, life is chaotic! But I have always been diligent about making time for myself, for my kids, and for work. It ebbs and flows, but we just figure it out as we go."

Joyce wears the Everly Cardi | ELEVEN SIX WOMEN feature HERE

Fashion + Accessories Designer

"I write down a lot of the funny and remarkable things the kids say, and I always laugh when I go back to read them. I love the moments when I realize I'm always learning something from each of my children.  Being their mother has taught me to slow down, let go, and enjoy the little moments as well as the chaos, and now I really understand the saying, "The days are long but the years are short."

Helen wears the Cora Tank | See the ELEVEN SIX WOMEN Feature HERE

 Director of Photofairs New York

“Being a parent is a beautiful chaotic rollercoaster!  It forces me to simultaneously jump out of, and dive deep into, my comfort zones. I'm incredibly grateful to be Harry's mummy."


Zaria wears the Luna Cardi in Ivory/Tomato + Daughter wears the Luna Girls Cardi | See the ELEVEN SIX WOMEN Feature HERE

ZARIA FORMAN  | Climate Change Artist

One of the numerous meanings of motherhood to me is a chance to pass on the deep love of the natural world that my mother imparted on me.”

Rebecca wears Luna Cardi in Multi (center), Anna wears Sarah Top + Rebecca Pant (left), Camilla wears Helene Top + Carrie Skirt in Tomato (right) | See ELEVEN SIX WOMEN feature HERE

Founder of The Upstate Table

"I never, ever imagined how truly special motherhood would be—it is the most fulfilling, humbling job and the most valuable learning experience. It is downright magical to watch my two daughters move through the world as adults, while still revealing sweet bits of themselves from childhood. It may sound trite, but it's like watching flowers bloom before your eyes."

Carla wears wears Emmie Dress in Taffy Pink | See ELEVEN SIX WOMEN feature HERE

Founder of CARLA COLOUR Eyewear

“Pick your battles. Some things aren’t worth the fight!"

Lila wears Vaida Sweater in Pale Grey | See ELEVEN SIX WOMEN Feature HERE


“There is such a funny push/pull dichotomy in motherhood, the overwhelming desire to be close and also the desperate need for moments of solitude and grounding.  My favorite times of the day: when my daughter drifts off to sleep and I can watch her finally become still and begin to dream, when I can reclaim some time that doesn't revolve around caregiving and work; and when she wakes up in the morning and I am sweetly reunited with my sleepyhead, hugs and morning breath and tangled long brown hair.  She tells me her dreams and wiggles with a full bladder.  Each new day I am ready for her, no matter what."